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TOAW is sold by Matrix Games.  There are forums for it there and elsewhere:

Matrix Games Forums:  The Operational Art of War

Gamesquad Forums:  The Operational Art of War


Ralph Trickey's Blog on TOAW can be found here:

Operational Warfare


Telumar's (Stefan Gohring) Blog:

The TOAW Beachhead


Oberst Klink's Blog:



Wodin's (Jason Rimmer) Tactical Wargame Facebook Site:

Tactical Wargames


Here are some links to various articles I've written on TOAW issues.

On Scenario Design:

Map Projections

Map Design using my LATLONG Program

Ship Class Design

Army Group & Theater Unit Size Display

Beginner Editor/Reinforcement Tutorial

How to Merge One Map with Another using Map Export

On Strategy:

Multiple Movement/Combat Phases in TOAW


Here's a link to the Comprehensive Wishlist thread.

You can download a copy of the wishlist document from the thread:

Comprehensive Wishlist Thread


Here are some of the Scenario Depositories for TOAW:

Rugged Defense Main Page

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